A Student's Guide to Renting

A student's guide to renting through Leamans

Renting a student house the 'Leamans Way'

1.      View the property.  All prospective tenants must see the house prior to meeting with Sara at the Leamans office.

2.      Once you’ve seen a house you like, call Leamans and arrange an appointment at our office within 24 hours.  We will put the property on hold for a maximum of 24 hours.

3.      Meeting at Leamans office.  ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND.  We will go through all the relevant information and give you important paperwork and application forms. We will also email your parents with the same information.  We will need to see photographic ID and your student card.

4.      Return application forms and pay a holding fee, equivalent to one weeks rent within 24 hours.

5.      Sign tenancy within 10 days of initial meeting and pay deposit.  ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND AS ONCE THE TENANCY IS SIGNED IT IS A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT. 

6.      JOB DONE!!

7.      In September, you can collect keys and house information folder from the Leamans office.

8.      Enjoy your new student home!