Preparing a Property for Rental

... a Guide for Landlords

We pride ourselves on finding the right tenant for your property, not just the first one who comes along. If a property is in good repair, with contemporary decor and a high standard of cleanliness, then the chances of attracting the right tenants are higher. Setting the right standard of presentation from the outset will also help to ensure that the property is handed back at the end of the tenancy in a similar condition, and that the possibility of any end of tenancy disputes is greatly reduced.

The first impression of a property always counts, as it gives an indication to the tenants how the landlord maintains and cares for their property.

  • Front garden should be tidy and maintained
  • Entrance through private front doors or communal hallways should be clean and tidy
  • Windows cleaned inside and outside
  • Windows dressed by either curtains or blinds
  • Light bulbs and shades present and working
  • The property should be clean throughout, paying particular attention to sanitary ware, kitchen units and appliances
  • No debris, e.g. decorating materials or old curtains to be left lying around
  • Any problems that may be considered a health and safety issue need to be rectified prior to viewings, e.g. broken paving slabs, loose stair rails etc.